Zarasai Social Care Home is situated on the north-eastern edge of Lithuania, in Utena County. It is a beautiful corner of nature. Rolling hills with forests surround a lake. The nature brings peace to the soul our residents.

Zarasai Social Care Home was established around 1920.

 In 1936, the buildings and land of the Puodiškiai farmstead were bought, a garden was planted, etc. At the time, the home accommodated 30-40 old and disabled people.

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Since 2003, Zarasai Social Care Home can accommodate 220 persons. Our residents come from all districts of Lithuania. They are serviced by a hair salon, shop, laundry and library. TV and internet access are also available. The residents of the Social Care Home have the opportunity to sew, carve wood and engage in other crafts and exercise. At the moment, the founder of Zarasai Social Care Home is the Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania.

Zarasai Social Care Home is a public nursing institution dedicated to the care of old people and physically and mentally handicapped people who need care and nursing and who are unable to live independently. The main aim of Social Care Home is to create appropriate living and rehabilitation conditions and to organize provision of quality services, taking into account the degree of disability, health condition, needs and interests of the community of Social Care Home.  The organisation of activities is based on the following fundamental principles: to create the environment of the nursing home, which would be as close to home environment as possible, to create opportunities for the residents to participate in the activities of the institution, to encourage them to take care of themselves and other members of the community.